Elly's new world: here are symbols and young administrators

Elly's new world: here are symbols and young administrators

We are in Montecitorio. Two days ago. The first question time of the president Giorgia Meloni is underway. The "interrogator", as the prime minister defined her, is the new secretary of the Democratic Party. She's standing. She speaks, gesticulates, she disputes her. Enrico Letta, the outgoing secretary, is three rows further back, slumped on the benches. Andrea Orlando, head of Dems, the main sponsor of Schlein's candidacy among the party currents, is almost in a pigeon-hole. Next to the secretary instead there are Chiara Gribaudo and Marco Sarracino. It's a shot from the new world. Gribaudoa former Orfiniana deputy, was among the first to support Schlein, is his roommate in Rome (“But Elly is never there!”) and today she is deputy secretary of the party. The second, an Orlandian of proven faith, is the dem secretary of the Metropolitan City of Naples, who entered Montecitorio for the first time in September. Formidable machine man seems to be destined for the role of head of the new Democratic Party organization. Forty-one years Gribaudo, 33 Sarracino. The change of ruling class in the Democratic Party is first of all a generational change. Among those of the old course who also supported it there is concern: "Bringing sardines to the secretariat - confesses a shrewd dem deputy - is madness".

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