Elections, «Stop the obligation to present the criminal record» - Corriere.it

Elections, «Stop the obligation to present the criminal record» - Corriere.it

Of Claudius Del Frate

A draft law by two centrist deputies calls for it. The rule had been introduced by the yellow-green government as a sign of "transparency towards voters" But it would be in conflict with the right to privacy

Stop the requirement for candidates for elections to present the criminal record and curriculum vitae: this is foreseen in a bill presented to the Chamber by two centrist deputies, Giuseppe Bicchielli and Alessandro Colucci. The norm had been introduced in 2019

by the yellow-green government (Count 1) as an act of transparency towards voters. But in the opinion of the two deputies the obligation it is at odds with privacy of citizens, including candidates.

The target of the proposal is the law number 3 adopted on January 9, 2019 referred to as "measures for the fight against crimes against the public administration». In the crosshairs there are in particular two articles of the text which provide for the obligation for candidates to publish on the internet "the curriculum vitae and the relevant criminal record. "The publication - continues the text - must allow the voter to access the informationreported therein by searching by constituency, constituency, party and by surname and name of the individual candidate".

A measure resulting from the climate of «fight against caste» and «corrupt-breaking» laws which characterized the arrival of the M5S to the government and which were approved by the drumbeat of the majority who in those months supported the government: the "ratio" was the will to demonstrate that anyone who wanted to land a public office was «immaculate» from the point of view of justice and free from pending charges.

The new bill calls for a reverse. "The present bill - write the deputies Bicchielli and Colucci in the proposal filed in Deputies last March 28 - essentially arises from the observation that the introduction of the aforementioned obligations, while moving from the principle of transparency, in reality the aspect of respect for privacy has been neglected and invalidatedstrictly guaranteed by our legal system". Proposers additionally judge those obligations "a forcing" and documents «not necessary for the purpose of validation of the same».

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May 27, 2023 (change May 27, 2023 | 4:39 pm)

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