“Do you know the risks of crossings? We will continue to search for the bodies»- Corriere.it

“Do you know the risks of crossings?  We will continue to search for the bodies»- Corriere.it

Of Claudio Bozza

The premier met the families of the migrants who died in the shipwreck, who appealed to her "mother's heart". The commitment to recover the bodies, including those imprisoned in the wreck

The confirmed victims of the shipwreck of Cutro on 26 February I'm currently 81,
but many more bodies have yet to be recovered. a heartbreak, after the very hard controversies on the relief efforts
, which still seems endless. Today, after the protest marches
Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni met some relatives of the victims and survivors of the tragedy at Palazzo Chigi.

The relatives of the migrants were accompanied by mediators who enabled translations from and into their mother tongues. The foreign minister was also present during the meeting Antonio Tajani and the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council Alfredo Mantovano. Meloni, explains a note from the executive, "represented to those present his own personal closeness and that of the whole government, and ensured the utmost commitment to satisfy their requests". To the relatives of victims and survivors, who have thanked the prime minister for what has been done so far, Meloni, moved, guaranteed that "the government will continue the search for the bodies, including those presumably imprisoned in the boat, still stranded on the seabed".

Other assurances would also have come regarding "Italy's diplomatic commitment within the EU to follow up on requests for reception and reunification in other European countries, particularly in Germany". The meeting, government sources explain again, took place "in an emotional and emotional atmosphere". Relatives and survivors have turned "by 'appealing to her mother's heart' to the Prime Minister", who asked them "how aware they were of the risks associated with crossing the Mediterranean and reaffirmed the government's line in the fight against human traffickers, in order to avoid other tragedies such as those that occurred recently".

"A sign of attention to these poor families - explains Antonio Ceraso, mayor of Cutro —. I think it will be a starting point to then verify everything else, the flows and so on, but it's an important fact. We'll see what will come of it later, but I don't think it's just a circumstance, I think they will fill it with content. I hope so." This from the government is "a sign of closeness", he adds Don Pasquale Squillacioti, parish priest of Steccato di Cutro: "We need to enter into people's humanity, we don't need to wait for death to say 'I'm close to you', we need to 'take advantage', even if it is ugly to say, of this moment to find a solution so that it doesn't happen again".

March 16, 2023 (change March 16, 2023 | 2:14 pm)

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