"Disgusting just to think that the coast guard let migrants die"- Corriere.it

"Disgusting just to think that the coast guard let migrants die"- Corriere.it

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The Deputy Prime Minister: "To say that our 10,200 sailors can deliberately choose not to save someone is unspeakable." The government contingency plan

"Just to think that the 10,200 men and women of the Coast Guard can deliberately choose not to rescue someone while they are doing an overtime job is disgusting." This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, on 24 Morning on Radio 24. "I hope that politics will find its dimension and also its limit in the accusations and in the controversy", underlined the deputy prime minister. It is «to think that someone thinks of Salvini calling Admiral Carlone, commander of the coast guard at night: "No, don't forget a boat has left, let them sink, it's stupid stuff"».

And then: «With Tunisia which is in chaos and Libya which cannot find peace, the controls that were in place more when I was a minister, which allowed us to have absolutely lower deaths and departures. Either the international community takes charge of it, or Europe wakes up here too. But I also think NATO», adds Salvini. Which he adds: «I have no elements to know if behind these departures there is the little hand of some foreign power that wants to destabilize the continent. If it were a deliberate act of war, it is clear that Italy cannot face such a phenomenon alone".

The leader of the League then relaunched. Should Salvini's security decrees on immigration be reinstated? «A large part of those contents have already been taken up in the decrees presented to Cutro – explains Salvini – and other parts can be added in the parliamentary debate ».

The deputy premier's words come just as the alert is intensifying for a possible wave with tens of thousands of migrants from North Africa. For this reason, the government is preparing a special plan to open new detention centers for repatriation, at least one for each region, expand those that already exist,
but at the same time increase the reception structures on the national territory using the rules of the new procurement code and start the works also in derogation and with direct assignments. The landings of migrants are continuous, in 2023 - data of 13 March - the Viminale recorded the landing in Italy of over 20 thousand people against 6,152 in the same period of 2022 (almost 6,000 in March alone compared to 1,358 12 months ago), and time is running out: with the arrival of spring and even more so of summer, the weather and sea conditions in the Mediterranean will improve, favoring an increase in departures. Hence the government's strategy of preparing reception centers capable of cushioning the expected wave.

March 14, 2023 (change March 14, 2023 | 10:01 am)

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