Discover Felice Casorati in the "Villa of masterpieces", in the deepest Parma area

Discover Felice Casorati in the "Villa of masterpieces", in the deepest Parma area

I also hate exhibitions because I hate visitors to exhibitions (with that nasty habit of standing in front of the paintings that interest me) but the Magnani-Rocca Foundation it is open all day, if you arrive immediately after lunch there are very few people. From Parma to Mamiano di Traversetolo it is 16 kilometers in the direction of the hills, always straight until you have to turn left at a crossroads (I don't like turning left, leaning alongside oncoming cars, and I would like it even less if it were night) to take a country lane, flanked by not very tall and unkempt, semi-wild trees. Perhaps the non-native ones, so you hate locust trees from me? To verify this, I should stop but instead I have to hurry, I wouldn't want the masses to have already finished gorging themselves in the eatery in the city center and were about to come between me and Casorati's paintings. I speed up. Shortly after, the villa that once belonged to appears Louis Magnani, legendary collector of Morandi and beyond, and I really don't remember if many years ago I discovered the character while listening to a Parmesan marquis or reading Arbasino in "Fratelli d'Italia": "Who among you has already been to Magnani, in the villa?". In the early 1960s, the refined Lombard writer compiled a catalog that is still valid today: “All the Morandis, even commissioned ones, the Rubens of Mantua, the Dürer of Bagnacavallo, the large porphyry cup of Tsar Alexander for Napoleon, mounted by Thomire… And this immense Goya walled up in Beethoven's fortepiano hall at Palazzo Palffy…”.

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