"Di Maio? A traitor. And politics makes str…»- Corriere.it

"Di Maio?  A traitor.  And politics makes str…»- Corriere.it

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The former foreign minister attacks the old leader of the 5 Star Movement and the double mandate rule: "One is enough"

"Di Maio? A traitor. And politics makes str…». Danilo Toninelli doesn't mince words, who tonight at 10.45 pm will be the guest of the first episode of the new season of La Confessione, on the Nove. The former foreign minister points the finger above all at the former leaderbut also gives an opinion on the Movement and the political career.

«Di Maio was, first of all, the frontman, the one who said "enough waste, forward with the law against corruption and with the cut of parliamentarians". These are all things that had finally opened people's lungs to hope. And then what do you do? Do you cling to the chair? I can imagine Luigi, who committed political suicide how come no one, how he was collapsing, falling from the high tower he was in. He had reached a meter from the ground and at the last second someone threw him a life preserver ». He had finished his two mandates as a grillino – he adds against the former party mate, freshly appointed as EU envoy for the Persian Gulf – and therefore he became something shockingly opposite to what he was and represented for me, for the movement and for Italians. Di Maio represents the betrayal of the greatest hope of political renewal of the last 10 years
the». The two apparently no longer have any relationship: «Of course, if you make a turn like this, you're on the bales of the whole world. Did I ever hear it again? And how do I do this? Do I pick up the phone to tell him "go to hell, Luigi" and hang up?».

According to Toninelli, the fault is also in the double mandate rule, which the former minister would not increase, on the contrary, would reduce: «Given how things went with a certain Di Maio and, most recently, with a certain Cancelleri , just a warrant. The human being - he adds - is the worst animal on Earth. Politics, if it goes well, makes people worse by making anyone a str... Unless you are a subject, let's say particular like me, who was born into a very poor family, where you know that the position you hold is a tool to satisfy needs not yours but those outside the Palazzo, you feel invested by the position you hold. And your goal – she concludes – becomes to renew the assignment and finally renew the seat ».

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May 26, 2023 (change May 26, 2023 | 11:56 am)

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