Dear Giuliano, the so-called rented uterus is a theme that has little to do with homoparental love

Dear Giuliano, the so-called rented uterus is a theme that has little to do with homoparental love

A government that wants to insult its citizens and their offspring depending on which genitals they come from branches of conservatism will ever belong? Certainly not British. Maybe Hungarian?

Two days ago Giuliano Ferrara wrote a subdued and intelligent one in this newspaper reflection on homoparental couples and change of customs. The bitter and beloved Founder spoke of "love and bio-engineering technique, with the support of another person's body or seed, which for me smacks of generational madness, of bad contemporaneity".

beloved Founder, according to the rare statistics of the sector, 80 percent of couples resort to the so-called surrogate uterus – horrid truculent definition to indicate the gestation for others: words are important – they are nice straight families, therefore here among us Italians and perhaps also Christians (will we also chase them through the terraqueous orb? will we go looking for them one by one? And if surprises come up?). In and out of this 80 percent a fee also includes those who do it for freemany are known (it may seem strange, but there are ladies who understand the drama of the non-hetero or non-hetero parentage and offer to carry on the exhausting pregnancy for them. Often they also remain good relationships).

And for the rest, yes, there is a trade in the body, as many are known here too, from prostitution downwards or upwards ("we are all whores", you proclaimed, but whores with our uterus or that of others?). And unfortunately we know that there are also many other strenuous jobs for the female body and soul. Are we going to abolish these too? And then poverty? Those others have already tried, we know how it went. What if instead we simply let the female decide for herself? On his body? Precisely against pregnant women for money or friendship, the whole country and some feminists are relentless: but won't these females be autonomous enough to decide what to do with their womb?

The second issue is the persistence of the Melonist brutal government (minister Roccella has put the big load back on it) against these bioengineering practices. Today in Milan there will be a beautiful demonstration by the so-called rainbow families, against the stringent measures that the brutal-Melonist government announces and plans to harm them. As a daughter of these loving engineering told Corriere, but what do they care? And then: of the government brutes, the attitude of peeking into underpants and panties and beds saddens and disconcerts. And here the doubt arises: it will not be that since the struggles "all'orbe terraqueo" with "universal crimes" and galactic (one sees the imprint of fantasy) applied to routes of smugglers and other difficult-to-solve problems do not succeed as expected, being able to trumpet the mantra of safety, does one ride on insecurity instead?

Insecurity of fathers and mothers and sons and daughters. And even wanting to buy it, Will this guerrilla warfare be good for the morale and GDP of an already tried nation? It was believed that a modern Conservative party should aim if anything to gentrify its citizens – making them homeowners as Thatcher wanted and also marrying between male and female same-sex as Cameron proclaimed (“I want gay marriage precisely because I'm a Conservative”). A government that instead wants to exploit and insult its citizens and their offspring according to the genitals of originwho goes to syndicate rents and usufructs and bare womb properties (while forgiving and facilitating cheerful VAT numbers) to which branch of conservatism will it ever belong? Certainly not British. Maybe Hungarian? Polish style? At Garbatella? Do you want to see who will have to use the same old word, the f word, in this case to indicate not gay but fascism?

With unchanged filial love,

  • Michael Masneri

  • Michele Masneri (1974) was born in Brescia and lives mainly in Rome. He writes about culture, design and more on the Foglio. His latest books are "Steve Jobs doesn't live here anymore", a collection of reports from Silicon Valley and California in the Trump era (Adelphi, 2020) and the essay-biography "Stile Alberto", around the figure of Alberto Arbasino, for Quodlibet (2021).

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