Dazn takes the field against racism - Football

Dazn takes the field against racism - Football

Words have weight and some have more than others. Our thoughts are made of words, deepening the terms we use is a decisive operation to acquire greater awareness. And awareness comes more easily if it comes through comparison with strong and impactful stories that help to deepen the meaning of some key words. The words, once spoken, can become a 'passe-partout' capable of dragging the listener into more or less known stories. At the same time, when they are 'stained' by violence they manage to undo the history of people in an instant.

The special edition of the Vocabolario – Keep Racism Out format develops precisely around the power of the word, capable of inextricably weaving together different and distant stories. DAZN together with Stefano Borghi and Lega Serie A opens the pages of the 'Vocabolario' to tell how the words play a decisive role in the fight against a phenomenon that is still too current and how important it is to learn to use them with respect.

Stefano Azzi, CEO of DAZN Italia comments: “Today more than ever words are important and so are stories. Sharing them to fight against discrimination is increasingly necessary today. Sport is a great container of stories that can inspire and share positive messages. We are proud to be alongside the Lega Serie A and, through this special edition of our original Vocabolario format, further amplify the messages underlying the Keep Racism Out campaign. We believe that sharing experiences allows us to understand even more the value of diversity and listen to them more deeply embrace a culture that must increasingly open itself to acceptance, respect and equality”.

"Fighting racism is the mission of our 'Keep Racism Out' campaign, to which we will also be dedicating the next round of the Championship. In all stadiums, on the social media channels of Lega Serie A and our Clubs, we are promoting numerous initiatives to raise awareness among millions of football enthusiasts, but not only, since everyone must understand how important it is to fight against all forms of discrimination - said Lorenzo Casini, President of Lega Serie A - This year, with the third edition of 'Keep Racism Out', we aim to carry our message also outside the world of football. I want to thank the professionals, testimonials belonging to different sectors, who have embraced this cause and are at our side to fight racism and to promote fundamental principles such as respect and equality Football and sport in general are and must always be a tool for integration and inclusion."

The Keep Racism Out campaign signed by Lega Serie A, which saw the kick-off during the 26th day of the Championship, is thus enriched with a new chapter in collaboration with DAZN which will see, among the protagonists, some of the faces who took part to the awareness campaign.

The series of podcasts and vodcasts, available from today in the App, have been developed to make all sports fans aware of the importance of fighting all forms of discrimination. The words that often, on and off the playing fields, are linked to episodes of discrimination become the starting point for sharing a new look that can make you think.

Three words, for three protagonists who, focusing on their own history, will explore racial discrimination from a different point of view to send a positive message to the younger generations Again.

Nadeesha Uyangoda, journalist and writer who deals with identity and racial issues, will talk about #Race: "For a certain period of time I tried to escape from race because it was something that connoted me in a negative way, so I tried to conform, but she continued to persecute me through the gaze of others who constantly made me feel like a foreign girl and not an Italian one”.

Again Danielle Madam, five-time Italian shot put champion, will delve into the meaning of #Peso: “At 13 I discovered that I was not an Italian citizen, I was convinced I was because I grew up in Italy, I attended school here. I discovered I wasn't when I wasn't called up to the World Championships. For a young girl it is difficult to understand above all because I had achieved the useful results to deserve the call-up, I was committed, and then in those moments you perhaps understand that your passport is not the same as that of others and that you do not have the same rights".

Finally, Najla Aqdeir, middle distance runner and athletics talent, will tell the word "# Freedom: " We often hide behind this desire to be free, but we don't feel like this because it is a condition that must start first of all within us. If you don't feel free inside you you will never really be free and I started from this. I had to face very difficult things because the search for freedom cost me so much, it cost me my family, almost my life, but it is from these experiences that I chose to be and also to find this freedom starting from the daily search for happiness" .

A story that brings strong values ​​and deep stories to the surface, with the aim of sharing the importance of promoting and spreading the culture of tolerance, equality and anti-discrimination.

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