«Covid, the profuse commitment of heritage for the future»- Corriere.it

«Covid, the profuse commitment of heritage for the future»- Corriere.it


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On the day of remembrance for the victims of the pandemic, the Head of State pays tribute to the victims. Meloni: «The road is traced to win the challenge»

«March 18, 2020 remains in the memory as one of the most dramatic moments in the history of the Republic. A threat on a global level, with unknown characteristics, which has hit every country, prompting, even at an international level, institutional actions and scientific initiatives of prompt intervention, activating health protection systems and arousing feelings of widespread solidarity”. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, writes this in a message on the occasion of the national day in memory of the victims of the coronavirus epidemic. “On this Day I renew my feelings of sympathy for the victims’ families and at the same time I express gratitude to those who have contributed to containing such a serious, sudden and pervasive danger, such as to endanger global public health”, adds the Head of State . “The efforts made in averting the consequences of the pandemic – which has not yet been fully eradicated – constitutes a heritage of fundamental values ​​to be preserved in order to be in a position to face any challenge of international significance”, he concludes.

«Italy has paid a very high price and the path to completely overcome the consequences «Today Italy honors and pays tribute to the victims of Covid and once again clings to their families and loved ones. The nation has faced one of the most difficult periods in its history.” Giorgia Meloni recalls this in a statement released by Palazzo Chigi. «More than three years ago – continues the Prime Minister – the coronavirus entered our lives and upset them, but the Italian people did not let themselves be discouraged and found the strength to react. Our thanks go to all the compatriots who have given themselves to others with a spirit of sacrifice, humanity and professionalism and have thus allowed Italy to overcome the most acute phases of the pandemic. I am thinking, for example, of the admirable self-sacrifice of the health personnel, of the extraordinary contribution of the social solidarity bodies and of the great sense of responsibility of the workers of the essential services who guaranteed the fundamental activities”. “Today – he continues – our thoughts also go to all those who, amidst a thousand difficulties, did not give up on the emergency and allowed our productive fabric to hold up and remain vital” concludes Meloni.

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