Claudio Anastasio resigns: after copying the Duce’s speech, he leaves the manager appointed by Meloni

Claudio Anastasio resigns: after copying the Duce's speech, he leaves the manager appointed by Meloni


“I communicate the irrevocable will to resign from my position as member of the board of directors and president of the company 3-I SpA with immediate effect”. Signed Claudius Anastasius. The manager appointed by the government Melons president of 3-I, the public company that should manage the software of Inps, Istat and Inail, has ended up in the crosshairs for an email with an explicit quote from the speech of Benito Mussolini of 3 January 1925, with which he claimed political responsibility for the crime Matteotti. An oration considered by historians as the beginning of the dictatorship. An email that sparked controversy with the opposition immediately on the attack.

Among the first to comment on the copied speech of the Duce was the deputy of the Democratic Party, Claudio Mancini: “The use of the Matteotti murder claim is repulsive – he declares – The government explains to Parliament why he was nominated and what interests drive such an explicit letter of threats to the members of the CDA”, adds the deputy dem.

A “shame” for Simon Malpezzidem group leader in the Senate: “This is the number of the ruling class chosen by the right”, the comment on Twitter.

He called for the manager’s resignation too Angelo Bonelli, national co-spokesman of Green Europe and deputy of Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra. “The words of the president Claudio Anastasio are very serious. Giorgia Meloni he should know that Matteotti was kidnapped and killed by the fascist regime precisely because he denounced Mussolini’s violence in Italy – observed Bonelli – Anastasio’s words represent the way to carry forward that historical revisionism that the right would like to carry out. We are with Ezio Mauro when he claims that Giorgia Meloni refuses to make “a gesture of clarity with respect to the world from which she comes” while plotting a plan to “neutralize the memory of fascism” and to erase “anti-fascism as a civil culture of the country” . Also because I want to remind you that historians remember Mussolini’s words as the exact moment that led to the transformation of the fascist regime into a dictatorship”.


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