Claudio Anastasio, Mussolini's copy-paste email from Meloni's manager

Claudio Anastasio, Mussolini's copy-paste email from Meloni's manager

«But then, gentlemen, which butterflies are we going to look for under the arch of Titus? Well, I hereby declare, in the presence of you, and in the presence of the entire Italian government, that I (only I!) assume the responsibility of 3-I (political! moral! historical!) for everything that has happened. If more or less mangled sentences are enough to hang a man, stake out and rope out! If 3-I was my fault, I bear the responsibility for this, because I have fueled this historical, political and moral climate in my role».

The members of the Board of Directors of 3-I, the public company that should manage the software of Inps, Istat and Inail, were stunned when they found this email from President Claudio Anastasio on their PC.

Bizarre text for a company email thought the employees of the aforementioned 3-I, the first Italian company to develop public administration software owned by Inps, Inail and Istat. The emphatic rhetoric used by the new president Claudio Anastasio is strange. So strange as to convince someone to do a nice copy and paste on the web to then discover that Anastasio, appointed by the Meloni government, had copied word for word the famous speech of January 3, 1925 with which Mussolini claimed political responsibility for the Matteotti crime, an oration considered by historians as the beginning of the dictatorship.

A gesture as serious as it is naive, because it didn't take much to imagine that it would take very little to discover the real author of sentences with such a bombastic tone: «The Government is my Party, it is in full efficiency. Gentlemen, you are under illusions! You believed that 3-I was over because I compressed it, that the Party was so flawed because I compared it, and then I also had the cruelty to say so. If I put the hundredth part of the energy I put into compressing 3-I into unleashing it, oh, you'd see then… the beauty for Italy. But there will be no need for this, because the Government is strong enough to crush my sedition completely and definitively.'

It was enough to replace the word «3-I» with «Fascism» and the (miserable) arcane was discovered: «Italy, gentlemen – continues Anastasio's letter – wants the peace of 3-I, wants tranquillity, wants the hardworking calm of doing better; we will give it to them with love, if it is possible. And we all know that it is not a person's whim, that it is not government lust, that it is not an ignoble passion, but it is only a boundless and powerful love for the country. Your President of 3-I SpA Claudio Anastasio». Speechless some would say. A bit like Anastasio.

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