Cinecittà World will invest over 100 million in the maxi theme park

Cinecittà World will invest over 100 million in the maxi theme park

An investment plan of around 115 million euros to give life to Roma World, a new theme park that will be built near Cinecittà World, an amusement park in the capital that develops around Castel Romano. «These are Cinecittà World's expansion phases 2 and 3 which will lead to the creation of Roma World, a theme park that will offer the possibility of living as in the times of imperial Rome - Stefano Cigarini, CEO of Cinecittà, anticipates to Il Sole - 24 Ore World and Rome's World -. We have launched a development plan that will make it possible to use a large part of the 150 hectares of land that the founding partners (Luigi and Antonio Abete, Diego Della Valle and the film producer and president of Napoli Aurelio De Laurentis ed) bought almost a decade ago» explains Stefano Cigarini, CEO of Cinecittà World and Roma World.

The idea behind the project is to offer tourists, especially those from abroad such as the Americans, and families all those experiences and emotions of ancient Rome that they have so far seen at the cinema in films from Ben Hur to Gladiator. A model of experiential tourism with a historical theme along the lines of what the French Puy du Fou park or the China folk culture village offer with scenes of life and battles in ancient China.

«It is something that is missing in Italy where millions of tourists come to see the remains of the Roman Empire - adds Cigarini -. We will rebuild ancient Rome and take a leap in time, making visitors experience a day like in the times of the Roman Empire". The first phase of Roma World will be inaugurated on 24 March and is spread over an area of ​​6 hectares where there is the village of the legionaries with centurions, an arena for training and one for birds of prey. There will be two shows: one with gladiators and one with falconry.

«With phase 2, whose work will begin in 2024, a part of “populated” imperial Rome will be rebuilt on an area of ​​12 hectares with the collaboration of a Roman historical group with hundreds of extras – explains the CEO -. It will be built around the film set used for the 2016 film "Ben Hur" (filmed in the Cinecittà studios ed) complete with Circus Maximus for chariot racing. The first 15 million will be invested in this operation and we plan to open it to the public in 2025». This first step will lead to the creation of around 600 new jobs, plus those from related industries. For phase 3, a hundred million will be invested to build 4 thematic areas dedicated to some provinces that made up the Empire. There will be a space dedicated to Gaul, one to Northern Europe populated by Vikings, one to the province of Mauritania and one to Egypt and Jerusalem. «Even here it will be possible to live as in the past - continues Cigarini -. We expect to build one area a year and complete the works in 2030. The park will develop over an area of ​​70 hectares and will become the largest theme park in Italy by surface area with large connecting spaces surrounded by nature they can also be used as a background for film productions».

Also new from a corporate point of view. The establishment of Roma World Spa is planned, to which the current shareholders of Cinecittà World will also be able to join, including Stefano Cigarini, who entered the shareholding structure on January 1st with a 10% stake. "In the capital of Roma World there will be room for new shareholders" adds the CEO.

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