Cellino pursued by the ultras of Brescia takes refuge in the dressing room - Corriere.it

Cellino pursued by the ultras of Brescia takes refuge in the dressing room - Corriere.it

The Rondinelle president forced to flee after the 3-0 home defeat against Genoa which increases the risk of relegation to Serie C

The air in Brescia got even heavier after the disastrous home defeat against Genoa by Alberto Gilardino (3-0, Saturday March 18). For the president of the Rondinelle, Massimo Cellino, there is no peace. finished once again in the crosshairs of his fans, who heavily contested him for an unfortunate season, the last place in the standings in Serie B and the relegation nightmare in C that is materializing little by little. In short, for the Brescia and his fans all very, very complicated. And for supporters of Swallows only one responsible, Massimo Cellino precisely. The one against Genoa was a performance to forget that brought Brescia to last place in cohabitation with Spal, another former Serie A club that risks ending up in Serie C.

Thus, at the end of the game, the anger of the Brescia fans was unleashed: a real chase to seek physical contact with the president of the Swallows. Frightened and with no way out outside the stadium, Cellino had to go down to the locker room and lock himself inside waiting for an escape route. The fans had first gathered in the square where the entrance to the grandstand is located, then they entered the sector. Cellino has already been threatened a few months ago even risking an attack by a fan. In short, the situation is becoming increasingly difficult and the air in the city increasingly unbreathable. Brescia fails to reverse this trend and meet to seek salvation. And in doing so, the C-series nightmare becomes more and more real.

March 19, 2023 (change March 19, 2023 | 10:23 am)

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