Catania, new attempt by Pd and M5S with the mayoral candidate

Catania, new attempt by Pd and M5S with the mayoral candidate

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After Abraham's about-face, an economist has been chosen. The support also of the Italian Left, Green Europe and the citizens of the CataniaPu Forum. Center-right still without names

The new official candidate for mayor of Catania of the Pd-M5S axis has been chosen: the university professor and economist Maurizio Caserta. He also has the support of the Italian Left, Green Europe and the citizens of the CataniaPu Forum. To understand how important the progressive front considers the challenge in the city, it is enough to bear in mind the fact that as potential councilor in the event of Caserta's victory, the M5S has indicated a prestigious name such as the former Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfo (who had already given his willingness to run for mayor).

Catania is not only the most important municipality of the next ones local elections in Italy but has a symbolic dimension for many parties. For FdI non-transferable (he governed with the former mayor Salvo Pogliese, who fell under the Severino law), for Salvini it would be the first southern metropolis to be governed by a Northern League mayor. From the leaked news, FdI has not yet indicated a name because regional and national leaders of the main right-wing party are awaiting the decision of Giorgia Meloni, who obviously has various urgencies at national and international level in this period. FI, which previously dictated the political times of the centre-right, does not advance any candidacy, the president of the Region Schifani is pushing for a single candidate from the entire centre-right (including Lombardo and Cuffaro).

In this context, the axis between Pd and M5S after the sensational renunciation of the exponent of the community of Sant'Egidio, Emiliano Abramo (strongly supported by the regional secretary dem Anthony Barbagallo), held up and found the square on professor Caserta who is an independent -esteemed in a bipartisan manner-. Caserta has the support of the local, regional and national leaders of the Pd and M5S. it is clear that the political experiment of Catania is possible in the new framework of the Democratic Party led by Elly Schlein, and the openness of Giuseppe Conte to dialogue with the new national democratic secretariat. The official presentation of Caserta scheduled for Monday.

In the centre-right they have not yet found an agreement, also due to the acceleration of the candidate for mayor of the League Valeria Sudano - who has already taken the field -. Catania plastered with its electoral mega-posters. Hers is a candidacy opposed by FdI and by Raffaele Lombardo's autonomists. The axis between the autonomists of Lombardo (who previously dialogued with Salvini's League) and FdI is indicated as decidedly solid. The Lombard autonomists moved first to stop the candidacy of Valeria Sudano, supported by the vice president of the regional government Luca Sammartino (former record holder of preferences in several elections and himself a former Lombard, then passed with the Democratic Party, later with Renzi, finally with the League).

Enzo Bianco's candidacy remains in the field, supported by transversal civic lists. With Bianco there are centre-left and centre-right politicians, but above all the former mayor underlines: There are many citizens who ask me wherever I go to run as a candidate and help the city be reborn. The polls show this clearly. Many in the city under the volcano call him u sinnicu Bianco. Several inciting messages were written to him on his Facebook profile, people of all political sides invited him to visit suburban neighborhoods to be able to remedy the problems, and he punctually went to every place with the dynamism that even his opponents recognized in him. In the centre-right, neither Bianco nor Caserta are underestimated, but they are convinced that they have a clear advantage thanks to the strength of their proportional lists.

March 25, 2023 (change March 25, 2023 | 21:47)

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