Carlos Sainz-Ferrari, that's why he missed out on qualifying

Carlos Sainz-Ferrari, that's why he missed out on qualifying

Of Daniele disappear, sent to Jeddah

Carlos took four tenths from fellow Ferrari driver Leclerc and even finished behind Russell, in a Mercedes in disarray

Carlos Sainz a driver who does better in the race than in qualifying. Never as important as this time to demonstrate it, in the GP of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Where the minimum goal is to be on the podium. lack of reliability Ferrari – Leclerc demoted ten positions for the change to the control unit — and the Spaniard missed out in qualifying, when he would have been much needed. He seemed to be driving a different car than Charles, the Monegasque confirmed his extraordinary ability on the flying lap by coming close to poleman Sergio Perez. Carlos, on the other hand, took four tenths from his teammate and even finished behind Russell, in a disarrayed Mercedes (the car will be overturned at Imola): evidence of the lack of confidence to push on a very fast and risky circuit like that of Jeddah.

The chronicle of qualifications

In the tests in Bahrain, the Spaniard had adapted before the Monegasque to the SF-23, then as soon as the real championship started, the values ​​were reversed. The regret of a possible missing front row is also present in Fred Vasseur's mind: Too bad because he had to put on an extra set of tires in Q2, and in Q3 he found himself with only one new set. He made a mistake that probably cost him the front row. Why did Sainz squeeze the tires like this, resulting in one of the worst in the first sector of the track (eighth time, even slower than Ocon in that section)? Even in the last attempt in Q3 I tried to push a little harder and I made a mistake in the first sector and lost 3-4 tenths. it was a bad qualification. Carlos failed to warm up the front tyres, the front didn't feel well: I was losing a lot in turns 1 and 2, and at 4 where Charles used the car very well: in the rest I was fast.

Sainz's difficulties have emerged when he has to drive to the limit. His best quality is concreteness, today's match will be a test: We have the pace to pass Russell, fight with Aston Martin and go on the podium. WIN? Red Bull seems too strong to me. Finish in the top three, for a mandatory goal after the wooden medal in Bahrain.

March 19, 2023 (change March 19, 2023 | 11:13 am)

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