Cardiac children, 40% of all neonatal malformations, in Italy there is an incidence of about 8-10 newborns out of 1000

Cardiac children, 40% of all neonatal malformations, in Italy there is an incidence of about 8-10 newborns out of 1000

ROME - The Association Children with heart disease in the worldwhich operates in the most difficult areas of the planet to give a hope of life to thousands of children suffering from congenital heart disease, "allies" with the clothing brand Vicar Five and launch the fundraising campaign #give a heart for the creation of 50 3D printed hearts, essential for the training of doctors and nurses in educational paths for health personnel in poor countries or in new countries where knowledge and skills are not yet adequate to operate and effectively treat millions of affected children from heart problems.

Transmit skills. From February 14th – symbolic date on which the World Congenital Heart Day - on the online platform it is possible to make a free donation and help the non-profit organization reach the goal of 15,000 euros needed for the production of 3D hearts intended for training projects for doctors and nurses. The goal is the transfer of advanced skills: a fundamental step especially for the many doctors from abroad who, thanks to scholarships and internships, can study at the IRCCS Policlinico San Donato. For 30 years, thanks to the voluntary support of heart surgeons and specialists, Children with heart disease in the world it works to give life expectancy to children suffering from heart disease, through the organization of operating missions abroad and the construction of pediatric heart surgery centres.

Infantile congenital heart disease. They account for about 40 percent of all birth defects. Only in Italy is there an incidence of about 8-10 newborns out of 1000. Unfortunately, the impact of these pathologies on the quality of life of the little ones cannot be stopped in those places where the health systems have significant structural deficiencies, such as the lack of specialized doctors and nurses.

The commitment of children with heart disease in the world. “The training of doctors is as fundamental as the operating missions that we organize in countries where there is the greatest need” – declared Alessandro Frigiola, President of the Association. "Over the years we have been committed to building centers of excellence thanks to the generosity of many donors who have supported us since birth, but without the right staff, the structures cannot always guarantee the surgical support necessary to save children suffering from heart disease at birth" .

Overcome emergencies. “The missions are important but they are organized to offer help in an emergency phase. The main objective now is to give developing countries constant support through the training of local personnel. The innovation introduced by 3D printing can prove to be fundamental in this sense: rapid, remote but also face-to-face, effective, advanced training. Being able to count on 300 hearts already in the short term, thanks to the generosity of those who want to help us, is a big step forward in achieving the goals we have set ourselves”, concludes Frigiola.

The Hearts in 3D. 3D printing is an innovation introduced a few years ago and is revolutionizing the way doctors are trained. Thanks to this technology, young doctors have at their disposal artificial hearts of real dimensions and above all artifacts printed on the basis of the pathologies and malformations to be studied and on which to carry out the necessary training before being able to intervene in the operating room. The donation is open to all and starts from a minimum of 5 euros.

Information. More information on fundraising and the Associations can be found on the website: www. children with cardiopaths. it

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