Bonifazio removes the water bottle with the bicycle wheel at the Giro d'Italia -

Bonifazio removes the water bottle with the bicycle wheel at the Giro d'Italia -

Of Simon Goliath

During the stage that brought the group to Caorle, Niccol Bonifazio of the Intermarch-Circus-Wanty managed to push a dangerous water bottle away from the road

been a Tour of Italy positive for Nicol Bonifaziosprinter born in 1993 of the Intermarch-Circus-Wantywho however had to withdraw due to bad bronchitis after the 140 km breakaway in the stage Seregno-Bergamo: Thank you all for the support. The efforts created a bad inflammation, now it's time to recover after 47 runs. Greetings to all, the message posted on Instagram by the rider, who had also collected an eighth and a tenth place in the stages of San Salvo and Salerno. Finally he finished fourth at the finish line in Caorle (where another Italian, Alberto Dainese, had triumphed), that is, the last chance of success for a sprinter like him before returning to the mountains. A stage during which, with a real number, he avoided the worst.

The Dangerous Bottle

In fact, a water bottle was left on the asphalt, probably thrown by the group towards the roadside. LThe object could have caused some falls considering the high speeds of the bikes, but that's where Bonifazio intervened. As can be seen from the video posted on social networks by Intermarch-Circus-Wanty, Niccol managed to ward off the threat with a touch like a true champion, coming close to the water bottle and braking just enough to skid and hit it with the rear wheel, sending it off the road. A sleight of hand useful as well as beautiful to look at

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