Birth rate and rights, from Rome to Milan the challenge on the family. Pascale: me in the square –

Birth rate and rights, from Rome to Milan the challenge on the family.  Pascale: me in the square -


Of Alessandra Arachi

«I will be in Milan, I would vote for Schlein». Today the garrison. Minister Roccella in Rome with Catholic abbreviations

TO Rome at the Family Forum we talk about the birth rate and fight against surrogacy. In Milan people take to the streets to defend the rights of children of homosexual families

contesting the prefect’s decision

to block the mayor Beppe Sala who transcribes those children on the municipal registers
. Two opposing fronts, at the same time.

“The problem is not that of the children, that we defend and protect under any conditions. The problem is surrogacy, or rather the uterus for rent, the buying and selling of motherhood,” she said yesterday Eugenia Rockella, Minister of the Family (and of the Birth Rate, in fact) at the opening of the Forum of Families. Even the Northern League leader Matthew Salvini he railed against surrogacy: «Opening the door to abominable practices such as rented wombs is out of this world, a shelter. I will never open up to anyone who thinks that children can be bought and selected on the Internet».

Giancarlo Blangiardo, president of Istat, he unveiled the numbers of the demographic “winter”: “Every year is a record of the lowest birth rate ever. In 2021, 400,000 children were born and in the first 11 months of 2022, compared to the same months of ’21, 3% were born fewer”. “The birth rate is the decisive battle for our country,” said Cardinal Matteo Zuppi.

The work of the Forum will continue today, in fact, simultaneously with the event and in Milan it was called by the Sentinelli, the Rainbow Families, the Arcigay: «Hands off our sons and daughters». Participants were asked to bring ballpoint pens as a symbol of the signatures that can no longer be made on registers in Milan. Those transcripts requested by the mayor Sala who will not be at the demonstration which he also presented yesterday in a press conference: «The Meloni government seems to want to “win big”, as in the case of the stop to the recognition of homoparental families, to the point of “wanting to humiliate” the instances that society is expressing».

Today in Piazza della Scala a stage will be set up for the speecheswith Vladimir Luxuria hosting the event. The secretary of the Pd Elly Schlein will arrive, in the same square where Francesca Pascale will be. Who said yesterday on La 7: «In the square there will be people who are discriminated against. All politics Half past eighta is outside the reality of society. It is a problem of this policy and of the sovereign right that is not only retrograde but also hypocritical because none of their leaders embodies their theory of the traditional family. How to tell a child not to eat sweets while holding ice cream. In prison, a criminal has the possibility of marrying, but this is not allowed for homosexuals”.

The participation of Pascale’s wife Paola Turci is uncertain, who in the meantime has dedicated at the event some stories on Instagram, together with Tiziano ferro, Nancy Brilli, Roy Paci. Chiara Appendino, M5S, will also be in the square, the first mayor who in Turin has transcribed the children of homosexual couples into the registers

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