Benalouane, punched by an ultra in

Benalouane, punched by an ultra in

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The fan who went to the hospital: ten stitches. The president of Novara: No justification. Violence is always a wrong answer, but the management of the security plan is inadequate for a public event

Piacenza-Novara, match of the 34th day of the Lega Pro championship, finished with a 1-1 and with very tense nerves. Spirits heated more after the match than on the pitch: the point won by Piacenza in fact keeps Matteo Abbate's team still in last place in the Group A standings. And in the 90th minute the home fans were unable to contain their disappointment. Initially outside the Garilli Stadium been necessary the intervention of the police to prevent a group of Piacenza fans from coming into contact with some members of the opposing team; then further verbal protests were raised in the direction of the Novara president's car (You also bought yourself the referee), making it difficult for the car to get out, while the visiting team's bus managed to leave the facility only after 21.30. However, the episode that has left the most aftermath is the one that involved Yohan Benalouane
and a fan of Piacenza. The defender born in 1987 - with a past in Serie A in Cesena and Atalanta, among others - after an argument in the parking lot of the stadium, he reacted by hitting a red and white supporter with his fist. The fan was immediately rescued by the Red Cross team present on the spot and then transported to the hospital where he was treated with ten stitches in the eyebrow area. At the same time, the forces of order also intervened and took Benalouane to the police headquarters for checks.

A series of unpleasant episodes to which I returned in the morning the general manager of Novara, Michelangelo Vitali, making known the position of the blue club. The manager, in an official statement, explained: Any form of violence, on and off the pitch, is always unacceptable and to be condemned a priori, but what happened at the Garilli stadium after the Piacenza-Novara match cannot find any justification.

At the end of the match the president Massimo Ferranti was surrounded and verbally attacked by a group of local fans upon exiting the stadium. The same fans, not happy, then also attacked two Novara FC players, making personal offenses to one of them with racist epithets and shoving him several times, all without any control by the bodies in charge that should protect the safety of the parties involved in the event. The footballer, frightened, reacted to protect his own safety. The Azzurri club does not justify the player's reaction, violence is always a wrong answer, the result of inadequate security plan management for a public event, which allowed extremist fringes of local fans to come into direct contact with the players and managers of the away team. it is unacceptable that the safety of members and managers is jeopardized and we hope that such episodes will never happen again.

March 27, 2023 (change March 27, 2023 | 12:52)

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