Because Messi's move to Inter Miami made Apple happy

Because Messi's move to Inter Miami made Apple happy

Lionel Messi will go to play in the United States. And Apple toasts the choice of the Argentine champion. The passage of the number ten from Paris Saint Germain to Inter Miami will in fact turn the spotlight on MLS, the main US (and Canadian) soccer league, of which Apple TV+ has won the exclusive right. Messi will not only attract more audiences from the United States. But he will also have leverage abroad thanks to his enormous popularity, increased by his victory in the last World Cup.

Messi's announcement at Inter Miami came after months of rumors that they wanted him either to return to Barcelona or to Saudi Arabia, where he would earn figures unthinkable elsewhere. But his arrival at the Mls now makes the subscription to the Mls Season Pass more interesting, which will be available on Apple TV + from 1 January 2023. Messi is a catalyst for attention. And the European public will also be interested.


Apple has prepared for the landing of the Argentine champion in a big way. On June 6, he announced that he would broadcast a four-part docuseries on the history of the 'Pulce' on Apple TV Plus. Messi will also get his share of the earnings from the Apple/MLS broadcast partnership.

In recent times Apple has somehow carved out a protagonist part in the world of football. In addition to the agreement with the American soccer league and several documentaries, the company has produced Ted Lassosuccessful TV series on the world of football, winner of 11 Emmy Awards, including Best Comedy Series of 2021. Curiosity: Messi's manager made an appearance in the third season. As if that weren't enough, the news circulated in February that Cupertino would present an offer to buy Manchester United “in days”. News as sensational as improbable. But fomented by a real interest of society in the world of sport. And of football, currently the most popular.

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