Because a non-victory for the Democratic Party in the ballots would be a surprise

Because a non-victory for the Democratic Party in the ballots would be a surprise

In the first round, the dem presented candidates supported by the third pole or by the M5s. Now, in theory, they can count on the contribution of the training left out. However, Schlein risks being held responsible for any defeats in some cities

The ballot round of municipal elections which will take place on Sunday and Monday should be a stroll for the Democratic Party, which has always prevailed in this type of confrontation on previous occasions. The reason is simple: the center-right presented itself in the first round with all its components in support of a single candidate, so if it has not reached an absolute majority it has no other forces to add. The Democratic Party, on the contrary, has presented candidates supported either by the so-called third pole or by the 5-star Movement, so in the second round it can, in theory, count on the contribution of the opposition formation which was excluded from the ballot. In the past it has almost always happened like this and there are no particular reasons to think that the script will not repeat itself this time too. For this very reason, however, Elly Schlein does not have much to gain and instead risks, in the event that in some cities the outcome is not as expected, of being held responsible for the defeat. This round of voting has no particular political significance, because the strength of the parties was measured in the first round.

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