BAM, the Library of trees that talk to us

BAM, the Library of trees that talk to us

Milan has a green heart set in its most contemporary centre. Not just an urban park with 500 trees and thousands of plants, but a botanical garden that has become a crossroads of cultural and wellness initiatives over the years. Place for reflection and entertainment: the Biblioteca degli Alberi. And the name already suggests how much this 10-hectare area, without fences, which never closes and where every initiative is free, is a place for discussion and contemporaneity. To explain what it really is BAM, the Library of Trees Milan, one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in Europe is Francesca Colombo, manager of the Riccardo Catella Foundation which manages it. She is the general manager: "Everything we do takes inspiration from the 17 2030 sustainability objectives of the UN Agenda. Here we promote the culture of greenery and the environment by offering citizens a packed program of initiatives. Accessible to all, from children to older people". A place where we come because things happen, we meet and exchange ideas. In the name of sustainability.

The Bosco Verticale skyscraper, symbol of a constantly evolving city, designed by Stefano Boeri on one side, and Piazza Gae Aulenti on the other. BAM with its botanical richness that looks like a work of art, ideally connects the two faces of Milan.

The one of urban regeneration and modernity, designed by the landscape designer Pietra Blaisse, BAM Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano is attended at all hours. And it is precisely this space, between the avenues, the equipped fitness areas, the themed flower beds and the chessboard of green areas that will host for three days (June 6-8) part of the Green&Blue Festival. There will be the workshops Orti Kids in the Riccardo Catella Foundation Garden, you can do yoga in the Cedri area or take part in one of the open-air meetings organized in the Carpini Area and in the Frassini Area. Connected events, intertwined with other initiatives to be held at theIBM Studios Milan and in the classrooms of Talent Garden Island.

She has been called "the engineer who plays the music of trees", to underline that Frances Colombo has put together the practical and scientific skills of the degree in Engineering and the artistic ones of the diploma in Piano at the Conservatory. "The degree in Engineering taught me how to keep things together that require rationality and a rigorous method, music and artistic experience, a language capable of conveying important messages and emotions too".

She landed at the BAM, after having founded and coordinated MITO, the music festival that unites Milan and Turin, a long experience at La Scala and held the supervision of the Maggio Fiorentino at just 36 years old. A cultural and professional baggage that you have transferred to the Biblioteca degli Alberi in Milan, making it a cultural hub "capable of networking and building a wider system throughout the city".

At the center of the events and proposals there are always Nature and sustainability, protagonists and sources of inspiration for artists who accept, for example, to alternate their live performances with the collection of plastic. But that's just one example. "One comes here even just to read a book in the woods, to free body and mind" underlines Lombardo.

BAM for Milan is a hope. For this city that is increasingly focusing on regeneration, as an urban identity. And small signs, like in a fairytale set, are beginning to be glimpsed even here in the midst of the skyscrapers. Dragonflies were spotted in the area that houses aquatic plants last year. A marvel for the community that frequents the park. On the other hand, the Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano (BAM) is hosting a Festival called delle Meraviglie. Dedicated to those emotions that only nature can give. Also in Milan.

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