Athletics, Jacobs postpones the challenge with Kerley: "Forced by a back block"

Athletics, Jacobs postpones the challenge with Kerley: "Forced by a back block"

The challenge between Jacobs and Kerley was supposed to be in Italy and at this point it is hoped that this is the case because the first outing of the Olympic champion scheduled for Sunday in Rabat, Morocco, skips and therefore also postpones the number one confrontation between the two sprinters who for weeks they have teased each other from a distance and the provocations will probably multiply, the wait lengthens, the horizon shifts: June 2, Golden Gala in Florence, the next useful date, very close.

Marcell Jacobs stops and one might say again, only this time the outdoor season hasn't started yet for him and we can only postpone the release before getting to the problems that then conditioned 2022 is an inversion, a attention multiplied: «I'm forced to skip the 100m debut and the first match against Kerley, which I really cared about due to a slight lumbar-sacral block that I plan to resolve as soon as possible. The challenge is only postponed» and it shouldn't be an injury, but a fatigue due to the consequences of «false support». Everything freezes and the countdown begins for the two meetings already announced, the Italian stage of the Diamond League and the one in Paris, on June 9, both appointments full of important rivals.

Jacobs versus Kerley in Florence on June 2

Giulia Zonca

For now Kerley is in the gym, in Morocco and Jacobs flew to Munich to see professor Mueller-Wolfarth, who has already followed him in the past, who got Tamberi back on track before last summer's European Championships, who treated Bolt, who has a tail of jocks out the door and Jacobs among the customers.

After the European indoor championships finished with silver in the 60 metres, behind the surprise Ceccarelli, Jacobs dedicated himself to a phase of intense work with his coach Paolo Camossi: "Technically I feel fit and ready to have a good season at the open".

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