At work, the Pd adopts the agenda of the M5s, ten years late

At work, the Pd adopts the agenda of the M5s, ten years late


From the introduction of the minimum wage to the abolition of the Jobs Act, Elly Schlein renounces what the Democratic Party has done to the government and takes the political line of Giuseppe Conte (who, however, invents Bank of Italy studies and makes false claims about the Jobs Act)

The stage of the CGIL has shown a convergence on the themes of work between Joseph Conte and Elly Schleinwhich actually indicates an overlap of the Pd to the line of the M5s. For example Schlein is in favor of the minimum salary, a proposal that the M5s has been carrying out for ten years and that the Democratic Party, when it was in government with the grillini in the Conte II government, prevented from being introduced. Just as he did not carry it forward when, with the Draghi government, the Minister of Labor Andrew Orlando proposed a compromise solution. In short, the Democratic Party was convinced of the goodness of the minimum wage during the election campaign and, above all, after losing the election by going over to the opposition.

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