artificial intelligence already makes us pay less. And it launches

artificial intelligence already makes us pay less.  And it launches

The Italian lord of car policies is starting his third professional life, once again proposing the contrast between form and substance.

Leonardo Felician, born in 1956, from Trieste with a polite, moderate, elegant appearance, is in truth a revolutionary. At least in the small sector of insurance contracts. He proved it for the first time in 1994, when Genertel, the telephone company, was invented under the umbrella of Generali. A turning point for the whole world of insurance, whose focus at that moment passed from the agent's desk to a call center located who knows where.

It was repeated a dozen years later with Allianz. If he had moved the place of formation of the contract to Trieste, in the German company the future of Genialloyd changed, thanks to the data, outlining a parabola of success. Now it comes out: from via Stalingrado in Bologna, the headquarters of the Unipolsai group launches BeRebel, the policy that makes substantial use of the potential of artificial intelligence. Revolutionary indeed.

Unique in Europe

Leonardo Felician, from Trieste, born in 1956
Leonardo Felician, from Trieste, born in 1956

«BeRebel – explains Felician – is a totally new project at European level, which is based on the use ofappis based on the principle of pay per usewhich we have transformed into pay per you and which was created thanks to an intense collaboration with Leithà, the company of data analytics of the UnipolSai group. The use of a large amount of data - and here another company of the group plays an important role, UnipolTech of Turin, which has collected ten years of sector statistics - allow us to create customized rates, with no obligation to renew annually indeed we have increased the minimum period of insurance to just one month, after which one is free to choose. However, we are convinced of the goodness of our offer which, mind you, is not for everyone. In Italy the average annual distance covered by a vehicle is 12,000 kilometres. Two-thirds of policyholders travel less than average. Well, we are sure to offer extremely convenient prizes to all of them».

Three substantial innovations: monthly policy, principle of pay per use, premium conditioned by driving style. There app it communicates directly with the operations center thanks to a black box, given on loan, to be connected to the car battery. This allows you to pay the insurance premium exclusively for the kilometers actually travelled, with a fixed minimum of two hundred kilometers a month in exchange for around ten euros and, if the car stops, the kilometers not traveled are accumulated over the month following.

For the young people

"We have designed it for young people and for all the second and third family cars - underlines Felician - it is a product that tends to reward those who drive little and well".

Technically BeRebel is not a company, but an Mga, managing general agencywhich is a kind of management agent of a company, in this case Linear, of the Unipol group.

Felician is an absolute innovator, a true inventor, who has remained very close to his city. In Trieste, where there are many sadnesses and beauties of sky and countryside, there is a slope called via del Montewrote Umberto Saba. Felician never wanted to leave those steep slopes. Although he left early. After classical high school he left for Pisa, where at the age of 22 he graduated from the Scuola Normale Superiore in Physics. But when he found himself at the crossroads that would have led him to MIT in Boston, he had no hesitations and chose the Trieste office of IBM.

Two years there before the call from Generali, who employed him in the revision of the information system, then in its infancy. In the early 1990s, direct companies were starting to spread from London. Felician went to Holland to visit one. He came back with a proposal joint venture to which he stubbornly said no: why do business with the Dutch when we can do everything ourselves? Thus it was that, from scratch, Genertel was born and it was a huge success.

Third Stage

At the time, the Internet was a small thing, but the use of the telephone was revolutionary. When he joined the Allianz group in 2005, technology had begun to play an ever more decisive role in the life of each of us. Using data it was possible to discover unimaginable realities and services. Genialloyd became the success story of those years. And Felician, after 24 years at Generali, spent 15 at Allianz, between the Milan office in Corso Italia and the central one in Munich. He traveled a lot, to the point of losing the typical accent of his land, but never leaving it. Fan of Triestina, he still commutes between Trieste and Bologna and dedicates part of his free time to writing: thousands of articles on tourism and food and wine: a true passion. But also nothing more subjective than taste on the palate, yet another contrast between form and substance. «I also have my second job in Trieste – he says -: for forty years I have been teaching, with a fixed-term contract, at the university, in scientific faculties. Today I teach a course of studies in Data Science for Insurance». And when he says datemillions of data, his eyes light up, like a true revolutionary.

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