Arms to Ukraine, Conte: "Risk of a world conflict erupting. China can play an important role"

Arms to Ukraine, Conte: "Risk of a world conflict erupting. China can play an important role"

"We have said it, we do not believe that the solution is to continue pursuing this military strategy based on escalation with ever more sophisticated weapons". The leader of the 5 Star Movement said it, Joseph Contein Matera, on the sidelines of a meeting on the theme: "Superbonus 110%".

"There is the risk of a world conflict erupting, of resorting to atomic resolution and this means total destruction and therefore we need to be farsighted and the courage is to invest in a negotiating path on which nobody wants to bet. This is where we ask courage to the Italian government, the European Union and all the international players. China too - continued the former premier - can play an important role; it is an important global player, if we are to arrive at a solution, we also involve the China. This does not mean to say that its peace plan is all good, but it is a first premise for involving China too in this perspective and obviously speaking constantly with our traditional allies within the framework of the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance" , he concluded.

"At the moment there are still no tangible and concrete signs. We have not yet seen any progress on the immigration front": this is how Conte replied to journalists' questions on the "migrant issue".

"We could only say we are satisfied when concrete breakthroughs are seen in Europe. We hope - he added - as Italian citizens, with a strong pro-European vocation, that there can be decisive and decisive steps forward. Now there is great sensitivity also on the part of Eastern countries as regards the routes that have been reactivated. It may be - he concluded - that at this moment the conditions are being created to make progress on the front of a common European management of migratory flows, but so far nothing yet".

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