Antimafia, wall of the M5s on the presidency in Colosimo. But FdI does not give up

Antimafia, wall of the M5s on the presidency in Colosimo.  But FdI does not give up

Negotiations on the renewal of offices continue, in view of the Commission meeting at 13. The Movement will not participate in the vote if the deputy of the Brothers of Italy were to insist: the government and Giorgia Meloni draw the right

The clash between the majority and the opposition continues on the appointment of the new president of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission, around the candidacy of the FdI deputy Clare Colosimo: the meeting is scheduled for today at 13, at Palazzo San Macuto, on the day of the 31st anniversary of the Capaci massacre. The controversies have been chasing each other for days, after the program Reports has released an image that portrays Colosimo next to the former terrorist of the Nar Luigi Ciavardini.

The most marked resistances are recorded in the 5 star movement who has already announced, in case Colosimo's name should be insisted upon, that will not participate in the vote "as a sign of total opposition". The words of the Movement are clear: "The controversies over his name risk compromising the credibility and authority of a delicate and important institution for our democracy". And again: "We believe that the concerns of the associations of victims of the mafia and terrorism and of Salvatore Borsellino should be listened to: they are the ones who best interpret the values ​​of justice present in our society".

Also in the Pd some perplexities remain, in particular on the part of the senator EnzaRando, responsible for the Legality of the secretariat. But Brothers of Italyas Giorgia Meloni herself has been repeating for days, goes straight: there won't be a second thought about the Colosimo name. The negotiations will also continue during the morning, pending the final verdict.

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