Ansaldo Energia towards recapitalization with accounts in the red

Ansaldo Energia towards recapitalization with accounts in the red

The board also approved the draft financial statements of the company and the consolidated financial statements of the group relating to the financial year ended 31 December 2022. The accounts are affected «by the dynamics of the price trend of raw materials and production costs in general, resulting in a significant downward revision of the project margins new units already in the portfolio, factors that add to the uncertainties on Ansaldo's reference market, linked to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict».

Accounts in the red

In essence, «new orders were collected during the year for 898.4 million», which made it possible to reach a total order backlog of 4.1 billion euro; revenues amounted to 1.23 billion, down by 253.9 million compared to the previous year».

Ebitda «was a negative 46.1 million (-206.5 million compared to the previous year); the net result was negative for 559 million ì(-583.3 million compared to 2021), also following a downward revision of 390 million euro of the value of the intangible assets held, already recorded in the 2022 half-year results» . Lastly, net debt is «equal to 1.04 billion, an increase of 193.3 million compared to the previous year».

Christian Venzano, general secretary of Fim Cisl Liguria, applauds the recapitalization but, he adds, "now we need to look to the future". At the meeting in Rome, the Government undertook to enhance Ansaldo Energia and it is necessary to start, immediately, with the commitment on the national contracts that had been blocked last year for the energy transition: it must be in a short time to cover the production year of 2024».


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