«Also on track at the European Championships»- Corriere.it

«Also on track at the European Championships»- Corriere.it

Of Cesare Zapperi

The Undersecretary for Culture will be running for the provincial elections in South Tyrol: I'm not interested in being a councilor but in carrying forward the ideas of the Renaissance

Not even the time to be elected regional councilor in Lombardy (where he would have liked to be councilor for culture but a veto was taken in Forza Italia), and Vittorio Sgarbi, already with a vast collection of positions on his shoulders, no less than a dozen (from undersecretary for Culture to mayor of Sutri passing through the leadership of the Mart of Rovereto), launches into yet another electoral campaign for the provincial elections of Alto Adige, scheduled for October.

Why are you applying again? Do you want to collect?

In no way. it's just a step in a campaign that will see me as a candidate in all the regional and European elections next year. I'm not so interested in being a regional councilor but to demonstrate that my movement, "Renaissance", exists, has values ​​that are appreciated by citizens. I don't understand why one should be surprised.

Well, she everywhere.

But this is the mechanism of the elections. Why maybe Berlusconi or Salvini and Meloni don't stand as candidates in all elections or in several constituencies?

But once elected, due to incompatibility she is then forced to leave.

Of course, but this is a physiological fact. But I don't do politics for myself, I fight for a movement.

Will I leave again this time?

Well yes, I remain Undersecretary of Culture. For you never know with me.

In what sense?

Between now and the next few months I may have quarreled with someone, set myself a new goal, who knows. For sure I'm a candidate for the Europeans.

In Lombardy, they didn't let you be the councilor for culture?

Not that I wanted to do it, I made myself available. Then Licia Ronzulli vetoed it, with a short-sighted attitude. I don't understand: Berlusconi, Fontana and Santanch asked me, why get in the way?.

Local elections will also take place in the spring. You have gained experience in various municipalities and are now the outgoing mayor of Sutri. Will he reapply?

I haven't decided yet. I could do it there or focus on Arpino (Frosinone). Will decide in the coming weeks.

March 19, 2023 (change March 19, 2023 | 14:56)

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