All the mistakes behind the clashes between the ultras of Naples and Eintracht. And why it didn't end here -

All the mistakes behind the clashes between the ultras of Naples and Eintracht.  And why it didn't end here -

The rebound of the ministry-Tar-prefect measures, the procession of Germans in the center who have not been stopped on the Lungomare. And the agents who prevented contact. The dead could have escaped us: but for the ultras it is not enough because there was no physical confrontation. And they will try again

All finished? Not at all.

Naples counts the damage, Frankfurt fans leave Italy, the controversy rages, the ultras don't stop. Wednesday night, after the match at Maradona (which finished 3-0 for the record) they tried again, sowing more destruction. About fifty Neapolitans with helmets, balaclavas, sticks and paper bombs, attempted to storm the hotels on the Naples waterfront.

But nothing finished. And never end. This is the first rule of the thirty-year rivalry between the Neapolitans and the Atalantini. And once again they swore it.

It is not enough? No. The Digos men are well aware of it, who for a month and a half had already reported the problem and the high risk of yesterday's match at Maradona. For crossings and alliances. Napoli is a friend of three German teams: Borussia Dortmund, 1860 Munich and Herta Berlin. Frankfurt, on the other hand, is twinned with the Atalantini who yesterday 200, according to sources from the police headquarters, were in Naples to lend a hand to the Germans. It was like this also on the way to Germany.

It is not enough, because in the mentality, what counts is physical confrontation. And yesterday, despite the devastation, none of the Neapolitans managed to get in contact with the Germans. And incredibly no one was seriously injured.

Could the dead have escaped us? St. success in Rome, in the Italian Cup final between Naples and Fiorentina on May 3, 2014. On one side the Neapolitans, on the other the Romanists. Then the Lazio and Florentines. Daniele De Santis, historic capoultras of the Giallorossi was armed. A gunshot and Ciro Esposito collapsed to the ground. He died after a month of agony. There had been melee, not yesterday.

This thanks to the courage of the agents on the front line who intercepted the approximately 500 ultras of Naples who from the alleys of the historic center tried to get to Piazza del Ges, where (incredibly) the Germans had arrived. Five kilometers of unauthorized procession through the streets of the centre when instead they could have been contained on the Lungomare, where they had been taken at first. Could it have been avoided? Certain. The agents know this well, embittered and tired from the night in the front row.

It could have been avoided because on 6 March the committee for the safety analysis of sporting events at the Ministry I had decided to block away. On March 11 the tar of Campania had annulled the measure. Then the next day, on March 12, the prefect Claudio Palomba had issued a new ordinance banning the sale of tickets for Frankfurt residents. Decision confirmed by the Tar after the second appeal of the Germans.

In this rebound of responsibilities and measures the Frankfurt fans decided to leave anyway. From Germany by train, passing through Milan where they loaded the Bergamaschi, up to Salerno. AND with tour operator charters who had already sold the package two months ago: plane ticket, Maradona and then hotel. A hell.

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