Agreement between Rina and Eni for the use of green fuels on ships

Agreement between Rina and Eni for the use of green fuels on ships

Agreement between Rina and Eni to develop the use of sustainable fuels, alternatives to traditional ones, mainly on ships. The Genoese multinational of inspection, certification and engineering consulting, and the energy giant have signed an agreement, with the aim of developing joint initiatives to contribute to the process of energy transition and decarbonisation of their respective activities, with particular attention to the sector of naval transport.

The agreement provides for the involvement of the two companies to develop the use of Hvo biofuel on board (Hydrogenated vegetable oil) produced by Eni in the biorefineries of Venice and Gela and other energy vectors, such as hydrogen and ammonia, blue or green, coming from biogenic, renewable or waste raw materials that do not compete with the food supply chain.

The entire logistics chain is involved

The agreement also contemplates, explains a note, «the development of initiatives involving the entire logistics chain of new energy vectors and the adoption of certified methodologies for the taxonometric calculation of the benefits, in terms of lower CO2 emissions, made possible by new carriers along the entire value chain».

The possibility of carrying out experiments and pilot projects will also be evaluated also in the context of the processes of capturing CO2 emissions on board, with a view to contributing to pursuing the sustainability objectives of the naval sector.

Decarbonization common goal

«Cooperation between companies - underlines Ugo Salerno, president and CEO of Rina - is the right path towards the common goal of the decarbonisation of industrial processes and transport. Thanks to the exchange of know-how and experiences, with Eni we will contribute to the development of innovative models of energy supply".

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