Against the right of the pierini, from the Pnrr to the Mes

Against the right of the pierini, from the Pnrr to the Mes

Maybe it's time to settle down. Giorgia Meloni, in the first eight months of government, demonstrated that she had an ambition worthy of consideration and on several occasions she claimed that she wanted to follow up on her intentions, her attempt to innovate Italy, building a new conservative force, capable to become a perfect intersection point, in Europe, between the old popular right and the rampant populist right. To make his project credible, Meloni spent a good part of his time, at the beginning of his experience as premier, reassuring his international interlocutors, trying to highlight on every occasion its clear discontinuity not with the past government, with the Draghi government, but with the past of the center-right. And therefore: responsibility for Ukraine, responsibility for public finances, responsibility for defending Atlanticism, responsibility for energy emancipation from Russia, responsibility in relations with European partners. Meloni will never be able to admit it but the truth is that one of the main strengths of his first months at the helm of the Italian government coincided with his ability to be inconsistent with his recent history and become an unpredictable barrier even to the populism fueled in the recent years on his political side.

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