Administrative, the former who "halves" the Five Stars in Sardinia-

Administrative, the former who "halves" the Five Stars in Sardinia-

Of Emanuele Buzzi

In Assemini, the former starred mayor Mario Puddu will challenge the M5S to the ballot. But his list gets double the votes. The Movement collapses from 44.7 to 11.8%

The political parable of the Five Stars in these administrative elections can be summed up in the (electoral) history of a town, Assemini, on the outskirts of Cagliari. The municipality - over 25 thousand inhabitants - administered by the Movement since 2013: one of the few starred fiefdoms in all of Italy. The first mayor to snatch victory was Mario Puddu, at the time a strong man of the M5S in Sardinia, close to Luigi Di Maio and stopped in the race for a seat in Parliament by the rules of the Movement and by a mocking game of fate. In the Senate, however, Sabrina Licheri was elected, the first citizen of Assemini after Puddu, from 2018 to 2022. Now Puddu is trying to wrest the municipality from the Five Stars. The former will face the ballot with the candidate of the Movement and of the centre-left, Diego Corrias, who narrowly surpassed (by only nine votes) the candidate of the centre-right. Puddu - supported by the UDC and a series of civic leaders - will try to erase his political past in two weeks and for now thanks on Facebook: "A first step taken," he says. And he adds: "We reached the ballot with an excellent coalition result and a particular satisfaction since the civic list that bears my name resulted in the most voted political force in Assemini".

Yes, because precisely in the numbers the extent of the clash and the evolution of the M5S can be seen. In 2013 the starred were 18.8% with over 2,000 votes, five years later at 44.7% with almost 5,000 preferences. Now, in the first round, Il Movimento has 11.8% with 1,145 votes. This is one of the best results of this electoral round, a result decidedly higher than the percentages obtained in Sicily. Yet the Movement is worth only a quarter of what it weighed in 2018. Not only that, Puddu - who has always taken care of the territory and who was one of the architects of Licheri's success five years ago - alone "doubles" his former party mates . Its civics has 21.7% with almost 2100 votes. Hence, his "satisfaction", before the final confrontation with his former colleagues.

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May 30, 2023 (change May 30, 2023 | 2:37 pm)

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