«A twinning to improve relations with France»- Corriere.it

«A twinning to improve relations with France»- Corriere.it

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The mayor of Benevento will donate the keys to the city to his French colleague from Benevento l'Abbaye on Saturday: We have strong ties, this helps dialogue

a way to recover and strengthen the relationship with France, fundamental in a pro-European horizon. Clemente Mastella plays the mayor of Benevento, but he does not forget that he is a long-time politician with important government experience. And then it becomes inevitable to place an apparently local initiative, such as a twinning between two cities, in a wider context. It is with this spirit that the former minister will welcome his fellow mayor of Benevent l'Abbaye (a municipality with just under a thousand inhabitants in central France) and a delegation in tow on Saturday to officially sign a twinning between two geographically distant but similar locations with very strong ties.

The site of the Municipality of Benevento explains well what they are: the name; the history of relics of Saint Bartholomew (Saint Barthelemy) kept in the abbey of Bnvent l'Abbaye; the emblematic liqueurs of the two cities (Strega for Benevento and La Benventine for Benvent l'Abbaye), which, moreover, have almost identical flavours. On these bases - explains Mastella - we want to renew a relationship with our French "brothers", also given that the tensions between our governments are easing. The recent meeting between French President Macron and Prime Minister Meloni bodes well. Benevento will give its contribution by welcoming the French people of Benevento in the best possible way. The official ceremony is scheduled for Saturday with the delivery of the keys to the city to the guests. Then there will be a concert in the renovated municipal theater of the city and many other initiatives that will extend to Sunday. In May it will be up to Mastella and a delegation from Benevento to cross the Alps to return the visit

March 27, 2023 (change March 27, 2023 | 11:38 am)

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