A European right in the lead but disunited - Corriere.it

A European right in the lead but disunited - Corriere.it

Of Massimo Franco

A heterogeneous sovereignist nebula is emerging and crossed by a conflict that goes beyond the electoral competition exacerbated by the proportional system

One year from the 2024 European Championships, the games seem to have started an almost obvious outcome: the affirmation of a deployment in which Popular and right-wing, against opponents in an identity and leadership crisis. The idea of ​​a conservative wind that is difficult to stop has now passed into general perception. Even if it is not fully understood whether it is evoked by opponents to justify and absolve one's inadequacy; or if it really is an unstoppable dynamic.

In this respect, the continental situation might resemble increasingly to the Italian one after the Politics of 25 September: with divided and inconsistent oppositions, and a strong majority divided in parallel by creeping tensions. A more heterogeneous sovereign nebula is emerging than the adjective that defines it suggests; and crossed by a conflict that goes beyond the electoral competition exacerbated by the proportional system.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine underscores policy differences foreign not only to the left. Photographing the distance between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on NATO compared to Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi, does not only pair with the differences between Pd and M5S. It also evokes those between American Poland and pro-Putin Hungary, which has shattered the Eurosceptic unity of the Visegrad group; and the contrasts in Warsaw between Donald Tusk's popular party and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki's conservatives.

Not just a clash at the last vote, which should then result in an alliance on the center-right axis instead of the current one between the EPP and the socialists. also a cultural conflict. The EU Court of Justice which has condemned Poland for its judicial reform anticipates conflicts destined to escalate. And it refers to the differences between the popular Germans with respect to the alliance with the conservatives whose president is Giorgia Meloni. Again, he encounters Salvini's perhaps defensive refusal to converge on the Ppe. And indirectly it re-proposes the cordial idiosyncrasy between the Italian premier and the mistress of the French right, Marine Le Pen, an ally of the League.

the background of a nebula united by a strong dose of nationalism, and a certain resentment towards European intrusiveness. But at the same time divided both on the attitude towards the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and by tensions accentuated paradoxically by the weakness of the opposing front. As in Italy, even in Europe one gets the impression that between now and 2024 the center-right line-up will play the role of government and opposition at the same time. With uncertain outcome, despite the clear starting advantage.

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June 5, 2023 (change June 5, 2023 | 21:18)

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