«A defeat, Schlein acts too much alone»- Corriere.it

«A defeat, Schlein acts too much alone»- Corriere.it

Of Maria Theresa Meli

The secretary opens the internal discussion by talking about the flood. She vents to him in the dem chats: «Surreal». Bad moods from opposing currents: «We need collegiality»

There electoral defeat of the center-left is one that hurts.
No one in the Democratic Party denies it, starting with the leader. In mid-afternoon, Elly Schlein calls the secretariat. A river meeting that kicks off in an atmosphere that is nothing short of unreal since the number one dem does not face right away, as everyone had expected, the chapter of the electoral failure, but begins by talking about the flooding of Emilia-Romagna.

He discusses it with Igor Taruffi, who leads the party organization and with Davide Baruffi, head of local authorities. Someone in the room rolls their eyes. Someone else on the cell phone types a message to tell what is happening and glosses: «Surreal». But so be it. When Schlein finally takes the matter head on, he does not hide that it went "badly". “The right is still very strong,” he sighs. And above all, the wide field does not exist: "But everyone must take charge of building an alternative, we can't just take care of it", complains the leader, referring to the allies of the 5 Star Movement and the Third Pole.

The first real electoral blow of the Schlein era fuels the discontent of the dem, who already did not look favorably on the policy of the secretary who acts in perfect solitude, communicating almost exclusively with what has been renamed the "magic tortellini", i.e. the close circle of his loyalists, mostly from Emilia-Romagna. Almost nobody knows what the secretary's agenda is: in the days of the flood she had disappeared and everyone was wondering where she was. «We need more collegiality, it is also convenient for Elly, because otherwise, in cases like this, they risk defeating themselves», they observe from the reformist Base.

Paola De Micheli, used to talking bread to bread and wine to wine, addressed to a party mate explains: «The electoral result was predictable. Outside the palaces, newspaper editorial offices and radical chic historical centers we do not exist. But do you think that someone as prudent as Possamai could have told Elly not to come to Vicenza to hold meetings with him
if it hadn't been more than necessary?' Yes, because then in this generalized defeat of the center-left the result in contrast of the candidate dem of Vicenza shines. That is, of the one who did not want the national leaders of the party to campaign in his city. This is also another slap in the face. This also hurts.

“It was a figurative debacle. A defeat, a clamorous defeat», comments the Gentilonian Lorenza Bonaccorsi. Even the usually cautious Andrea Orlando can't ignore it: "In the area we need to build a party, we have problems of selection of the ruling class". The reformists of the Democratic Party, on the other hand, identify the reason for the current difficulties of the dem in having thrown themselves too far to the left.

Whatever the truth, this defeat, even if the secretary has only been in charge for two months, weighs a ton on the shoulders of the leaders of the new Pd. And the consolation prizes to which two exponents of the secretariat like Pierfrancesco Majorino and Marco Sarracino attach themselves are of little use. The first applauds the results of Gorgonzola and Cologno. The second enhances the «Marano and Torre del Greco model».

Now the next truly demanding test for Schlein is represented by the 2024 European Championships.
In those elections, the dem leader cannot afford to make mistakes, because in that case she would lose the secretariat. But the grumblings are already being heard for the rumors circulating on the composition of the lists for the Europeans..

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