A common motion to recall the government on the Pnrr. Talk to Alfieri (Pd)

A common motion to recall the government on the Pnrr.  Talk to Alfieri (Pd)

“We remain united on European funds. Italy's commitment must know no distinction: we are waiting for Minister Fitto in the Chamber”, the dem senator with responsibility for Reforms tells us. And he calls together the opposition on the Recovery Plan

A ready-made motion, signed by the Pd, to be presented with the aim of avoiding wasting time, and with the hope that the rest of the opposition "will unite" around the urgency, he says Alexander Alfieri, dem senator and member of the PD secretariat with responsibility for Reforms and the Pnrr. “We have already submitted our points to colleagues from the other center-left political forces, and we have no reason to doubt that there is no agreement on these issues, on which it is important to remain united, also given that a fruitful common work had been done under the Draghi government ”. These are decisive days: time is running out, the IMF is calling Italy to a "prompt implementation", the former premier Romano Prodi, from the Trento Festival of Economics, underlines the importance of the European instrument. But the objectives to be identified and achieved in order to access the third and fourth installments of European funds seem like a mirage.

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