90,000 at the Camp Nou for the 7-a-side football tournament - Corriere.it

90,000 at the Camp Nou for the 7-a-side football tournament - Corriere.it

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A Super Bowl-style show for the first edition of the Kings League, the particular 7-a-side football tournament created by Gerard Piqu, former Barcelona defender

The finals of Kings Leaguea particular 7-a-side football tournament, have been a huge success for their creator, that is
Gerard Piqueformer defender of Barcelona and Spain, today an entrepreneur with his company, Kosmos. As many as 90 thousand spectators at the Camp Nou and one and a half million people connected through the different social platforms: better than that it was hard to imagine. All this to witness the conclusion of the event, which ended with the Final Four played in what until last autumn was the stadium of the former Blaugrana centre-back. An incredible show, made up of football and many other events.

Arrival by helicopter to a packed Camp Nou

The atmosphere was that of the great Champions League matches, which Piqu knows very well. The players of the four teams all arrived on the same bus, greeted by an incredible crowd. Special treatment for the presidents of the four finalists: accompanied by Piqu, they even arrived at Camp Nou by helicopter. In short, a real show. Then they got on a golf cart driven by the former footballer, who brought the trophy onto the pitch. A 7-a-side football field was designed on the lawn, with the presidents having a corner from which to broadcast their emotions live. In fact, they are streamers with more or less audiences between Twitch and YouTube: the 12 presidents who took part in the first edition of the Kings League were chosen precisely for their communication skills, except for two who are former footballers, the Kun Aguero
And Iker Casillas
present at the stadium (the latter, former No. 1 of Real Madrid, in a live Twich before a Kings League match had argued with Piqu talking about the scandal of the referees that hit Barcelona, ​​but that's another story).

Super Bowl style show

Among the illustrious spectators also the president of Barcelona and landlord Joan Laporta and

David Villa
. From home, streaming, also intervened NeymarPiqu's friend. Of course, as you can easily guess, the public appreciated the show between music and football, with every stoppage put to good use Super Bowl-style. Present two Argentine singers, Tiago Pzk and Lali, and four rappers who competed in battles of rhymes. In essence, the Kings League was a triumph from the first day to the last. And now? the women's edition, the Queens League, is scheduled. But Piqu's dream remains the birth of a Champions League with tournaments in other countries.

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