4.8 billion seized by the Guardia di Finanza and 20,000 reported - Corriere.it

4.8 billion seized by the Guardia di Finanza and 20,000 reported - Corriere.it

The sums resulting from tax evasion seized by the Guardia di Finanza in 2022 and in the first months of this year reach almost five billion, 4.8 to be precise. The investigations made it possible to identify 8,924 total evaders, three thousand more than in 2021, many of whom operate through electronic commerce platforms, and over 45,000 illegal workers, to which are added 1,246 of international tax evasion. According to the Report presented today by the Commander General of the Army, on the occasion of the 249th anniversary of the foundation of the corps, those reported to the judicial authorities for tax crimes totaled 19,712, of whom 438 were arrested. And that's not all, because the activities to combat economic and financial crimes, since the beginning of 1922, have also led to the identification of 5.4 billion in non-existent tax credits connected to construction works, to the assessment of as many as 3, 3 billion of tax damages, committed to public assets, the seizure of 1.7 billion resulting from money laundering activities, the confiscation of 3.4 billion of assets from organized crime.

Building bonus scams

In 2022 and in the first five months of this year, the Fiamme Gialle carried out more than one and a half million inspections and investigations, and almost 100,000 investigations. With results that let us well imagine the size, scope and implications of tax evasion and economic crimes in our country. From 5.4 billion in non-existent credits ascertained as part of the investigations into the use of construction bonuses, and more than half attributable to the facade bonus, and to a minimum extent of 110%, to 3.3 billion in tax damages accused of 35,561 persons reported and 5,766 reported to the Court of Auditors, passing through fraud to the welfare and social security system. 24,290 checks were carried out on basic income alone, which led to the denunciation of 18,240 people (effect of the increasingly targeted checks on "anomalous" situations), and to the ascertainment of 203 million euros of unduly stolen sums.

Bankruptcies, 4.5 billion disappeared

On the subject of money laundering, 1,572 interventions were carried out, with the denunciation of over 5,000 people, 379 of whom were arrested, with the seizure of 1.7 billion euros. After the war in Ukraine, measures were also taken to freeze the assets, for a value of no less than 2 billion, belonging to 28 Russian subjects. The investigations connected to the anti-mafia legislation numbered almost 18 thousand, and ended with the seizure of assets for 3.4 billion. There were almost 5,000 interventions on the excise front, and they made it possible to ascertain the fraudulent consumption of no less than 383,000 tonnes of fuel (2,000 of those seized). Also noteworthy are the seizure of 596 tons of foreign tobacco, with 895 reported and 170 arrested, 85 tons of narcotic substances, with the denunciation of 6,877 people, 14 million liters and 23 thousand tons of counterfeit wine and food products, the discovery 389 clandestine betting agencies discovered, with 465 reported, 23,400 currency controls, with the discovery of 10,494 violations and the seizure of 247 million euros. The Report also highlights the discovery of numerous crimes connected to the bankruptcy of companies, with the seizure of 538 million, but also the ascertainment of 4.5 billion in misappropriated assets, while the aeronaval department of the corps made it possible to arrest 305 smugglers, contributing to the rescue of 46,410 migrants.

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