24-hour stop for Trenitalia and Italo-Corriere.it

24-hour stop for Trenitalia and Italo-Corriere.it

The Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uilt, Ugl Ferrovieri, Fast Confsal and Orsa Trasporti unions proclaimed a national strike on Thursday 13 July. It will last for 24 hours, starting from 3 am on the 23rd until 2 am on the 14th July, and will concern all employees of Trenitalia and Italo. According to union sources, the communication was sent to the two transport companies and to the Strike Guarantee Commission of the trade unions.

In Germany

Meanwhile, the clash continues in Germany. The German railways and transport union, Evg, is calling for an adjustment to employee contracts to inflation and has reported the promotion of a referendum through which its members will decide whether to strike indefinitely after the failure of collective bargaining with Duetsche Bahn. This was established by the board of directors of the Evg of Berlin. The referendum will take four to five weeks, union chief Martin Burkert said, adding that until then, warning strikes are not yet ruled out. Therefore, various inconveniences are expected during the summer, with numerous cancellations of trains. The wage conflict has been going on since the end of February. The Evg entered the negotiations with the aim of increasing the landline by at least 650 euros per month or by twelve percent for the highest salary brackets.

The Trenord strike of 23 June

Returning to Italy, the Trenord workers' strike in Lombardy was held on Friday 23 June, from 9.01 until 16.59. The unrest, proclaimed by the trade unions Osr Uilt-Uil, Slm-Fast-Confsal, Faisa-Cisal and Orsa Ferrovie, had consequences on the circulation of regional and suburban trains and on the Malpensa Express and S50 Malpensa Aeroporto-Bellinzona airport connections. Indirectly, also on car traffic along the busiest streets of Milan and on urban public transport (underground, bus and tram). We understand the inconvenience of citizens, but the situation has become unsustainable for both those who travel and those who work, explained the leader of the M5s Lombardia group Nicola Di Marco. We are in solidarity with Trenord workers, but above all with the reasons that forced them to strike. According to the pentastellato in recent years the company has not been able to improve its punctuality indexes he has made choices that have done nothing but worsen the service, with the Lombardy Region which, in his opinion, should take note that the company management needs to be totally re-founded and do what it should have already done: govern the local public transport service - he concludes - guaranteeing a punctual service and a quality that meets the needs of the citizens of Lombardy.

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