100 million in dividends for children, waiting for the will - Corriere.it

100 million in dividends for children, waiting for the will - Corriere.it

A unanimous vote by all the children of Silvio Berlusconi, heirs of the Fininvest empire. And Marina Berlusconi confirmed as president. Signs of continuity and unity of the whole family in the footsteps traced by the entrepreneur who died on 12 June. Fininvest's 2022 budget, the last of the Berlusconi season, was approved in a compact way by all the shareholders. With investee companies that keep the long-term strategy solid and unchanged. Green light also to the dividend which for last year was one hundred million, down from 150 in the previous year when record numbers were recorded thanks to the extraordinary coupon paid by MfE-Mediaset and the restoration of the distribution of profits by Banca Mediolanum .

The return to an ordinary rhythm

effectively the return to an ordinary rhythm of profit distribution. The consolidated net result was 202.2 million (against the previous 360.2 influenced precisely by extraordinary collections) while the statutory result was 133.1. And this too is essentially a return to normality for the activities headed by Fininvest. This is undoubtedly also confirmed in its current structure by the board of directors of the holding company which, by practice, expires every year in June. Starting from the president Marina and Danilo Pellegrino, managing director, up to the other members of the board: the children Pier Silvio Berlusconi, CEO of MfE-Mediaset, Barbara and Luigi, Adriano Galliani, Ernesto Mauri and Salvatore Sciascia.

Despite the mourning the attention paid to business

At the opening of the meeting the memory of Silvio through the moved words of his daughter Marina who recalled his entrepreneurial vision, innovative nature and great human qualities. The 2022 financial statements show that all the companies owned by Fininvest have maintained their leadership, which made it possible to close the year with revenues of 3.82 billion, rounded up, thanks to MfE-Mediaset, Banca Mediolanum and the victories of AC Monza, promoted to Serie A. Mondadori shone yesterday, whose accounts are better than expected, so much so that the group has raised its targets for 2023. And confirming that despite the mourning, the attention paid to business and maintaining its value in continuity, Mondadori also announced the purchase of 51% of Star Shop Distribuzione (with the option to increase to 100%) which strengthens the group in comics. The Stock Exchange appreciated and the stock closed with +2.47%.

The current structure and the unknown factor on 20% of the capital

But what happens now? Fininvest should remain in its current structure: with Marina and Pier Silvio with operational duties; Luigi, Barbara and Eleonora, in the role of active shareholders but dedicated to their investment activities. Marina and Pier Silvio today each hold 7.6% of Fininvest with their respective personal companies, H4 and H5. Barbara, Luigi and Eleonora who together have 21.4%. Already now, and before the will is opened, perhaps as early as Monday, the new structure can be glimpsed on the basis of the legitimate shares in the inheritance. In fact, the former prime minister could dispose of one third of the assets and therefore about 20% of Fininvest (one third of 61%) for the succession. This means that the remaining 40% automatically goes to the 5 children, 8% each. It means that the three "young" ones rise to 46% and the two "old" ones, together, to 32%. In this scenario, the unknown factor of 20% is inserted, which is then the heart of the will.

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